Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Relieved and happy

When we first started talking about moving from the city I was so not on board. I wasn't even on board for the entire time (nearly a year) that I spent looking at houses. I really loved Chicago and because it was the city where my babies were born (so no, Lucy was not technically born in Chicago but she was my "newborn" there), I was having trouble giving up the house where they played, where I nursed them when they were sick, where we walked endlessly around the neighborhood. I hated the idea of moving to a cookie-cutter suburb where you have to drive to everything (which, ironically, I was already doing in the city because public transportation was not convenient to their school or nearly any of their after-school activities).

So it was still with some fear and trepidation that we moved a little over a week ago. But I'm now settling into the idea that we have not moved to the suburbs. We have moved to a lake community in the woods. There are no shops or sidewalks, no restaurants, no traffic or public transportation. There are woods and deer and coyotes and pitch black silent nights with lots of stars. There is sailing and kayaking and tennis and swimming and soccer and volleyball and storytimes and movies under the stars.
The girls are thriving and making friends, as am I. I found a mother's helper in one of the lifeguards. She (and her family) are longtime lake residents. She came over today for a couple of hours so I could work on unpacking us. Then we headed over to the lake after lunch for swim lessons and ended up staying until suppertime. The girls made friends with 2 girls who will be in their first grade CI class in the fall and they played the lake for a couple of hours. I met another of our neighbors as she was out for a walk and it turns out she is a music teacher and she agreed to give Lucy piano lessons.

So life is turning out much better than I had imagined. Len's commute is pretty uncomplicated and even enjoyable. He leaves the house much earlier than he used to but he also comes home on an earlier train so he's still here for supper. The express train takes about 45 minutes so he can work or read or daydream--all without dealing with traffic. Even the drive to/from the train station is on back roads with little/no traffic.

I just feel like we've. all. slowed. way. down. And it is good.
Summertime! from Lisa on Vimeo.
This was just a panoramic video of the lake and the islands and the lagoon. I love that you can see people kayaking, sailing and even a girl working on homework (summer school maybe?) at the picnic table.

Today was a spectacular day to be here.

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Elizabeth said...

Congratulations on your move! It looks absolutely wonderful - so relaxing!! I hate to mention it at the beginning of the summer, but how far is the girls' school from your place? It sounds like things are really falling into place.


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