Thursday, July 21, 2016

Cooking class

We were the beneficiaries of meals planned and prepared by our girls this week. I sat down with them last week to peruse some cookbooks and pick out some relatively easy recipes that they could do. Lucy was up first and she picked out pork loin with olives and capers in a white wine sauce, mashed potatoes and green beans. I think her favorite thing was pounding the bejeebers out of the pork loin since it needed to be thin enough to cook quickly.

Her second favorite thing to do was to use the ricer to make the mashed potatoes but she also got to use an actual knife to cut the olives and parsley which thrilled her beyond belief.
She happily scarfed it all down!
A few days later it was Kate's turn. Since she picked a one-pot meal she also lobbied for a fancy dessert accompaniment. We started by making that first since it would need to back while we ate. She chose quick single serving cherry cobblers.
Her main dish was a Ramen noodle dish with beef and veggies. She chose carrots, red and green cabbage and shaved brussels sprouts for her veggies. First up was making the sauce.
She, too, was thrilled to use a "grown up" knife. It didn't even matter that what she was cutting was scallions...an onion....which she hates. Suddenly, because she was the one who prepared it, onions just add a "nice flavor" to her dish.
Although it didn't call for it, she garnished the plates with sesame seeds since it was rather a plain dish to photograph. But it was delish!

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