Friday, July 1, 2016

Heart Letter, Month 79

Dear Lucy,

You are 79 months old today.
It's been a big month for you what with graduating from kindergarten, leaving your first school and your first home in the U.S. and moving to the country.

Let's start with the first and last day of kindergarten so you can see how much you've grown:

You made some great friends but your favorite was Shia, I think because he has the same effervescent spirit that you do.
I think he felt the same way about you.
The next day was graduation and you were super excited to sing the songs, dance the dances and recite the poems that you had worked so hard to memorize.

One last picture with Qiongwei lao shi and Yi Chu lao shi.
You really loved the photo album that your teacher made for you, showcasing your time in her class for the past three years.

That afternoon we drove to our new house.

This statement that you made last night sums up your thoughts about our move:

You: Do you know what I thought the very first time I put my foot in the lake?
Me: What?
You: I thought, "I am going to have an amazing life here."

So far, you've had a pretty amazing 2 1/2 weeks here. We've discovered the suspension bridges that lead across the lake and to the islands.
 You've discovered the freedom to play outside on your own.
The lake is by far your favorite place. There are even swings!
You started swim lessons with Corinne who is now also one of your babysitters. Your other favorite lifeguard is Kyle. You love the energy and enthusiasm that only being with teenagers can bring.

Storytime on Rest Island was made even more fun when the pirates showed up and started squirting everyone with water guns.
 You fired yours up and were at the water's edge to defend the island from the pirates.
 Discovering the pirate's treasure on Play Island made your day.
When there aren't organized activities, you can always be found making new friends at the beach. You are not shy at all about introductions and you remember everyone's name so that you can play with them on the next trip.

Some "old" friends came to visit this month and you were so happy to see them again and show them "your" lake. Lina and her family visited from Sweden and Lucy D. and her family drove in from the city.
Daddy took off your training wheels and you are very excited to learn how to ride your bike without them.
There was movie night at the soccer field and you thoroughly enjoyed "Karate Kid".
You have been working on his moves ever since and are currently badgering me about martial arts lessons.
We spent a few hours at a local carnival where you got your first big taste of rides. The faster and bumpier, the better for you!

You were thrilled when you got to meet your new piano teacher, Ms. Janet. You loved showing her what you had learned and she was very impressed with your posture and ability to recognize when music should be loud or soft, fast or slow.
You loved getting your first library card until you realized that that meant you would be reading to me every day. Your reading has come along quite nicely but I would not say that it is something that you enjoy. After all, there is no jumping or throwing or cartwheeling involved when reading...and where is the FUN in that?!
We drove back into the city to meet with the periodontist. You had a great checkup with none of the problems that we feared last month. To celebrate, we met Daddy at our favorite pho noodle shop back in our old neighborhood. While there, we stopped in at Brandon's house to visit for a bit. It was a happy reunion!
I have to say that you have transitioned well. You love your new surroundings and have embraced the changes. You are sleeping later with no sound machine for the first time ever. You wake up happy around 7:30am (which beats the hell out of your 5:30am wakeups for the past 4+ years) and are taking more care with your room than you have in the past. Your bed is made before you come down for breakfast and you are asking to help with chores around the house like weeding the flower beds, watering the plants and vacuuming the floors.

You were right. You are going to have an amazing life and I'm very glad I get to be a part of it!

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