Friday, July 8, 2016

Kate's 6 laps

Yesterday, after 3 prior unsuccessful attempts over the past couple of weeks, Lucy finished 6 laps in under 6 minutes which is the test the lifeguards give to be allowed into the last section of the swimming area. Both girls have been hot and bothered to be out there but it only increased this week when a boy they've made friends with who is 7 earned his way into the deep end. Both Kate and Lucy tested yesterday but only Lucy finished under the time limit (which I posted here yesterday).

Kate talked about nothing else last night or this morning, how she was going to try again today. But today the wind off the lake was pretty strong and the lake was pretty full of kids, neither of which is condusive to lap swimming. So I convinced her to wait until an hour after lunch, hoping the wind would die down a bit. Unfortunately, the wind did not cooperate but she did get permission to test during the 10 minute rest period when all kids must be out of the lake. She, contrary to Lucy, does not like having people swimming next to her and cheering her on. She prefers to focus on her goal and having all her friends cheering her on only serves to distract her.

Luckily, everyone was focused on eating snacks while she did her swim and only noticed when she finished. I love that they all came to cheer her when it was over! She finished in 5 minutes, 50 seconds!

Kate's 6 laps from Lisa on Vimeo.

She celebrated by having one of her favorite lifeguards toss her over the buoys into the deep end!

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