Thursday, July 7, 2016

Lake living

I think we've all pretty much adjusted to our new life here in the woods. We've fallen into a good routine of a late, leisurely breakfast (except for Len who is on the 6;25am train to Chicago...BOO!) followed by gathering ourselves (towels, food, sunscreen, chairs, etc) for the trek to the beach where we spend most of our afternoons. Kate and Lucy joined the swim team and I say that loosely b/c techincally you're supposed to be 8 years old to join but in the spirit of inclusivity, there they are. Our neighborhood actually used to compete in swim meets with other neighborhoods but when the other teams would show up for a meet at the lake, most of them wouldn't go in b/c they were used to swimming in pools! Hahahaha! (Which was exactly the reaction from the kids here when they saw how squeemish the kids from surrounding area were about lake water.)

Anyway, the hour of swim team training which includes many, many laps between the two docks, has considerably strengthened Kate's and Lucy's swimming skills. So much so that Lucy passed the test to be able to swim in the last roped off area that is for older kids. Both girls tried to pass the test when we first moved in and failed miserably. But today, Lucy swam 6 laps in 6 minutes to get her name in the lap book and swim with the big kids.

Lucy's 6 laps from Lisa on Vimeo.

She did it in 5 minutes, 40 seconds.  Then she took a victory lap in the deep end, swimming out to the far dock where I've been told it's about 30 feet deep.

Kate tried it soon after but was 30 seconds short of the time allotted. Thank goodness she did not meltdown and/or pout for the remainder of the day. She is determined to try again tomorrow! Fingers crossed that she can do it!

I've also managed to make some inroads on new friends. I was invited to join the women's kayaking group and I finally managed to make it today. They meet at 6:30pm every Thursday for about 2 hours of kayaking around the lake. I had a great time and will remember to bring my solo cup of wine for the next outing! And I really need to get some type of waterproof, floatable storage so I can bring my phone for pictures as the lake at dusk is quite lovely.

This weekend we're gearing up for visitors again. Sara and her family are returning and will be joined by a couple of my other friends from our mama group for a giant sleepover. Will be so nice to have some old and dear friends to visit with again. I love my new neighborhood but starting over making new friends yet again is tiring. Sometimes you just want the shorthand that old friends bring to the table.

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