Saturday, August 20, 2016

August visitors thus far

It's been another busy month and we are feeling quite popular in our new surroundings. We have really enjoyed having so many friends come visit us and we feel so thankful for the time spent together.

First up were YiaYia and Pappou who flew in from DC and stayed for several days. The girls were overjoyed to have 2 extra people to lavish them with attention. Pappou was pressed into service reading books and playing endless rounds of chess and Connect Four.
He finally retired to the sofa to "coach" instead.
They helped us to christen our dining room (we've been eating at the kitchen table since we moved in). 
YiaYia taught the girls how to roll dolmades.

As they are from DC, there was a lot of political talk which led to both girls trying to coax Pappou's hair into looking like Donald Trump's (since Pappou's name is Donald, they figured his hair should match the name...). Fortunately, the similarities end there.
YiaYia enjoyed the lake and rather rural setting, despite her avowed love for all things CITY.

One evening was spent dining at a nearby, much larger, lake.
A few days after they departed, we picked up Nana at the airport for a 2 week visit. She's gotten some good exercise and many steps on her wrist tracker!

We love a pizza place that gives kids dough to play with before the food comes out!
With Nana here, we were fortunate to have some day visitors from Chicago come out. First up was Natalie and her mom Theresa. Lucy set right to work teaching Natalie how to catch a fish in a bucket.

 Lucy caught about 7-10 fish, sometimes two at a time.

Natalie finally caught one much to her delight!

Next on the list of visitors were Hema and her daughters, Sloane and Naia. A three-person concert of Chopstix was first on the list of things to do.
Followed quickly by unwrapping gifts brought by Naia and Sloane.
After a bit of catching up and playing, we headed for the beach.
Catching fish in a bucket is now on the regular rotation of activities.
Kate FINALLY caught a fish all by herself!
She was thrilled!
Relaxing after lunch and all that fishing.
During one of the rest periods, the lifeguards played a round of volleyball with our girls.

They were able to stay and enjoy supper which also kept them out of the afternoon rush-hour traffic back into the city.

Too soon it was time to say goodbye.
We are slowly gearing up for school to start on Monday (!!!)  We met their teachers yesterday so will post on that for tomorrow. Meanwhile, the start of school does not mean the end of visitors, happily for us. We are expecting a few more friends to make the trek out to the woods and Nana will still be here for a few more days as well.

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