Monday, August 8, 2016

Baby Kayaks

I'm afraid I've been rather remiss in my postings of late. Between the girls being home with me 24/7 and the amount of activity we do all day, I'm just exhausted by nightfall. The last thing I want to do is download and edit pictures and then work up enough verbage to do a post any justice. And I'm also reading....for pleasure! Instead of blogging, I'm afraid I am reading in bed most nights and it is heavenly.

For August thus far we've had a visit by YiaYia and Pappou as well as a swim meet for the girls. I'm fear those will still have to wait to be posted as I have not sifted through the various photos/videos yet. But I did manage to edit a few photos of our latest adventure which is teaching the girls to kayak. I managed to get them the last youth sized kayaks at an end-of-the-season closeout price. They were beyond thrilled!

We loaded up the kayaks in the van and drove over to the beach. We started them out paddling in the swim area after supper when all the swimmers had left. That way, if they fell over we could get to them relatively easily. Our precautions were for naught as they picked up the motions easily and were zooming around the area with ease.

Baby kayaks from Lisa on Vimeo.

With the sun about to set, the girls and I took a spin around the lagoon before heading across the lake to where we keep our other boat docked while Len drove the car back over.

Now that we all have kayaks, I envision many an evening adventure with all 4 of us tooling around the lake before the sun sets on summer.

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