Monday, August 1, 2016

Heart Letter, Month 80

Dear Lucy,

You are 80 months old today.
Let's start with your yearly checkup stats shall we, because you have grown quite a bit again.

This month your weight was 48 lb which is a 5 lb increase over last year. You also grew 2 1/4" over last year and your height is now 47 1/2". You needed one more vaccination to be ready for school and you took it like a champ without a peep. In fact, you watched the needle enter your arm and didn't even flinch which is more than I can say for myself when I need to be poked with a needle!

You have been having a very fun summer I must say. You are enjoying everything about our new neighborhood and remember nearly every person's name that we meet. It really is quite amazing to see how you have jumped right in and made new friends. You know most of the "regulars" at the beach now as well as all the lifeguards, two of whom are now babysitters for you and Kate. You especially love Austin because he will throw you in the lake or help you do shoulder stands for as long as you like.

He also helped you get a start on your bike this morning which leads me to your next big accomplishment this month...
You can now ride your bike without training wheels! It only took a few tries before you got the hang of it and now we are hard pressed to get you off of it.

For the most part, though, this month has revolved around the lake, whether it is beach activities

or storytime

or fishing
(you caught this one using only a bucket and some goldfish crackers. Oh the irony... )

or kayaking.

As this last picture indicates, we had some very special visitors this month. Lina and her family were here from Sweden and Ava and Lucy D. came in from Chicago. You really enjoyed the sleepover with all your friends.
We did manage to get in a trip to the local pool and you enjoyed it immensely. You spent 5 hours jumping off diving boards and slipping down slides and were still disappointed when it was time to go.

We also made it back into the city twice this month. The first was for Chengze's 6th birthday which was, happily for you, a pool party.

I must say I've never seen a spontaneous game of chess played at a 6th grade party but you jumped right in, always up for a challenge.
Our other trip into the city was to visit your dentist, Dr. Boyd. We got some 3D images taken this time around so we could see what was happening with your teeth. It was really quite impressive to be able to see which of your adult teeth are missing and where to expect the ones that are there to come in. It looks as through the surgery for your cleft fistula repair has failed again so we have scheduled your surgery for this October to try to fix it.
 This one shows that your underbite has been reversed which is wonderful.
This image shows that you have room in your airway so you don't have sleep apnea but your tongue is still not staying in the roof of your mouth so there are tongue thrust issues we still need to work on.
Right after these images were taken, that baby tooth in the middle of your face on the top row finally fell out, making room for that large sideways tooth to move down.
Tooth #4 gone!

You made your first start-to-finish supper this month for everyone and it was delicious. You loved combing through cookbooks and you picked something right up your alley as it involved pounding the bejeebers out of pork loin to make them thin enough to saute quickly.

The finished product was perfect: Pork loin with olives and capers, mashed potatoes and green beans with thyme.
Your best quote from this month:

"I love it here. This will be a good place to grow up."

I couldn't agree more.

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