Sunday, August 21, 2016

Meet the teachers--First Grade!--and Back-to-School bash

Friday was Meet the Teacher Day at the girls' new school. Nana came with us to help tame the Kate-jitters and see where the girls will be spending large chunks of their lives for the next few years. 
They were VERY READY for the doors to be unlocked.
First we met their Mandarin teacher, Liu lao shi. They will be in this class for half of their day.
Then we met Ms. McCarthy who will be their English-speaking teacher. They will have her for the other half of their day.
On the tables were papers with glitter (grrrrr) attached.
I think I am not alone in believing that glitter was invented by the devil. So you can imagine my surprise when I read the note that was attached to a bag of glitter (make that TWO bags since I have two girls in the same class):
Notice the line that says, "Sprinkle the glitter under your pillow in bed." NOOOOOOOOOOO! Sprinkle glitter on your bed?? Seriously???? I thought I could get away with telling the girls that they needed to just place the bag of glitter (still sealed) under their pillow but Kate, darling, dear Kate, read the note and, being the stickler for rules that she is, reported that "it says to sprinkle the glitter, not keep it in the bag!" This I do not need on the first day of school...rubbing and washing glitter that has stuck to sleeping faces and tangled into hair followed by vacuuming glitter from the carpet and washing 2 sets of bedsheets. Not to mention the cat factor--Bella's tiny feet tracking bits of glitter throughout the house. Call me a buzz-kill curmudgeon but that glitter is staying in the bag...I'm even thinking of super-glueing it shut so it can't be opened....

In addition to these two teachers, we met the art teacher, the music teacher, the librarian and the P.E. coach. They will go to PE every day, art class twice a week, music once a week and the library twice a week. Kate's favorite area was the library (shocker) which was enormous. She was in heaven when told she would be allowed to check out books every week. Lucy's favorite places were the art room (which has a kiln for firing up their pottery projects and a bunny as a classroom pet!) and the playground where they will have 2 recesses per day (one before school and one after lunch).

We followed up the school tour outside for popsicles with the Principal, "The best part of the tour Mama!" Thanks to the popsicles, the Principal is now their favorite.
A few days prior to meeting their teachers, though, our little neighborhood had a back-to-school bash. There was a 27' inflatable water slide, a smaller one for the littler kids and a truck with shaved ice treats. Needless to say, a good time was had by our two girls and their new neighborhood buddies.

Lucy climbing up for her first run.

Kate, waiting her turn with two of her friends.
Kate's first climb up.

The lines were not as long at the smaller slide and it was much faster so they relocated for a while.

Tomorrow they start FIRST GRADE!

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