Friday, August 26, 2016

Wrapping up Nana's visit

Before Nana left this week, we had a small spate of cooler temps so we decided to burn off all the branches that had fallen during some recent storms. The girls and Len piled the pyre with all the limbs they could find while Nana and I gathered the supplies for s'mores and soon we were ready!

It didn't take long for the smaller, dryer wood to burn down so we could put on the larger pieces.
Which made the fire too hot for the girls to roast their marshmallows.
Nana to the rescue with two sticks over the coals.

With her departure this week,  I have the house all to myself for the first time in over 2 months...and it's a bit disconcerting! It's very, very quiet and very, very big. We got a lot accomplished in the two days that the girls were in school before she flew home on Wednesday. On Monday we unpacked and organized the entire basement and on Tuesday we organized the closets. Although the basement is still in a holding pattern until I can hang more pictures and gain enough furniture to deal with our tchotchkes, it is now usable space for the girls to play.

We organized all of the games and puzzles in this area.
 There is enough room that both of their tents can be assembled and still leave enough room to play.
Fortunately, part of the basement has a vinyl wood floor so the girls can do crafts and I don't have to lose my mind worrying about the carpet.
The fireplace has an electric stove so it will be cozy in the winter. Eventually we'll hook up the projection equipment so we can watch movies on the large screen that is in the background here.
I still have a lot of pictures to hang...
There is a small closet where I'm storing all of our seasonal items.
Eventually we'll put in some shelving.
There is another room that looks to be an office but for now is where all of our loose decor is being stored. I'll eventually make this into a gift-wrapping and craft storage area.

We have a Harry Potter cupboard where extra pantry staples are stored.
I'll save the other house photos for another post!

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