Thursday, September 29, 2016

A random assortment of our past few weeks

A random assortment is what my head feels like lately. When we chopped down those trees I think we stirred up lots of tree pollen and mold spores because Len and I now have matching allergies to show for it. Mine progressed into a full blown case of acute sinusitus and Len's has settled into his chest and ears of all places. My throat has been scratchy, thus the lovely sound I made as I was trying to help Kate find one of the notes in her latest practice piece. Notice that she is in the kitchen. I was trying to fix supper but she requires an audience to practice. So I get serenaded whilst I cook.

Minuet in G (not minute) from Lisa on Vimeo.

Next enter the stink bugs. By the hundreds. OMG there are so many of them both inside and outside of the house. This one was inside...right before I smushed him.
I think my record kill was 20 in the space of 2 hours just in one room. They manage to get in somehow and we're still trying to figure out exactly how unless they can just squeeze their bodies into a pancake and slither between cracks. I sent out an email blast to our neighbors and it seems we are at least not in this alone. They started appearing 2-3 years back around this time of year and don't leave again until spring. Fabulous news.

A few weekends ago, Len's work had a family day so we took the train downtown and enjoyed good food and entertainment. After enjoying the view from Len's office

the girls tried a Zumba class.
Zumba from Lisa on Vimeo.

Next up were African dancers on the River Walk:
Real African dancers from Lisa on Vimeo.

Kate and Lucy got the chance to participate. Lucy was, quite uncharacteristically, reticent to join in until her sister did:
African dancing from Lisa on Vimeo.

The Shakespeare Company did a great job showing how they stage and implement sword fighting onstage so that it looks real.
Lucy was most excited for the police dog demonstrations.
They showed off their bomb/explosives sniffing skills.

This girl wants a dog so badly....
"Make your own cupcake" was a big hit:

I just could not get enough of the views...I do so miss the city. This is the view of the Chicago River all the way out to Lake Michigan.
On the north side towards the Merchandise Mart.
In other news, my battle with homework continues unabated but I did win a small victory. Can you spot the mistake with problem number 4?
Aunt Kelly and her daughter Karlie sent us a box full of Karlie's books from her elementary years. Guess who was in heaven?
So happy in fact that she always has a book going these days...
no matter where we are. I have to say it does make the wait for a table go much more smoothly now that I only have to keep one kid entertained and distracted.
I've been keeping busy trying to get some furniture refinished. To that end, I spent the better part of one day sanding down this bookcase.
I did manage to get a few Fall decorations up since it appears we are now officially in that season.
I've also been volunteering and getting more involved with our community and school but I'll leave that for another post. In the meantime, I'll just end you here with a few photos of our 3rd child who I awoke from napping in Lucy's room for a small photo session.
Sleepy girl. I would NEVER have done this with either Kate or Lucy but I had complete confidence that his one would go right back to sleep once I left the room. Cats are great that way!
Quite a yawn.
Now what?
Chin scratches.
More yawning.
This face says it all. "Go away so I can go back to sleep."

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