Thursday, September 8, 2016


Homework is a new concept in our house and so for the first two weeks of school the girls were pretty excited about it. Now that we are in the third week....not so much.  It's not like there is a lot of homework but because one is slow because she procrastinates and one is slow because she doesn't want to read the instructions...well, let's just say that mama ain't having fun no more (sorry Nana for all the grammatical messiness of that last statement).

I've yet to figure out how to make our afternoon routine work for everyone. They arrive home b/t 4:20-4:30, starving and, in Kate's case, somewhat carsick from the bus ride. Since supper is at 6, I try to just give them a small snack to tide them over but hungry, tired kids=HANGRY kids which doesn't do anybody any good.

After snack, we hunker down at the kitchen table for homework. Generally that means 2 pages of math, a sheet of Chinese character writing and listening/repeating a Chinese lesson on the computer. Add in 10 minutes of reading time per kid, speech therapy homework for Lucy, piano and flute practice and none of that equals free playtime or a restful leadup to supper (which I still need to put together and get on the table).

Ideally I could be putting supper together while they do their work but that has not worked thus far. Lucy is not a strong reader yet and needs a lot of support with all of the work and Kate needs an audience because her sister just got a lot of mama time. I've thought of having them do homework after supper but then I get floppy, tired children and if you've dealt in floppy kids you know that is no walk in the park.

After yesterday's Chinese language lesson, I let them watch the Chinese cartoon that popped up on the screen after their homework video was over. Because it's entirely in Chinese, they are learning the language and having a reward for all their hard work. Win-Win!

Chinese cartoons from Lisa on Vimeo.
Now I just need to figure out how to stream my computer onto the tv...all of this technology can make one feel super old. Is this how my parents felt when the microwave was invented??

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