Sunday, September 18, 2016

More landscaping

By last weekend, we still did not have the stumps ground from the trees we had removed. Knowing that they would be showing up early in the week, Len decided to rent a chain saw and rid our yard of a few of the other straggly bushes/trees that we didn't want to pay to have removed but that we did want to have the stumps ground down with the rest of them.

First on my list were these two overgrown bushes hiding the front door and the two pots of flowers on the steps.
That's more like it!
Next up was the crab apple tree that was on its last legs.

Meanwhile, the girls wanted to help so I put them to work weeding the buckthorn out of the mulched beds left by the juniper bushes. The row of dead bushes behind the pile of applewood was coming down next. It is only green because of the vines that have grown down from the trees in the woods,
Here's a shot of the bushes coming down. You can see where the vines have attached from the branches of the trees near Len.  It is now where we will stack all the wood Len is splitting.
To that end he got right to work on the evergreen stacks in the front yard.

He spent nearly a day and a half out there but barely made a dent in the wood still needing split. Fortunately, it turns out you can rent a splitter from a nearby store and they will even tow it to your property. It should knock out all the wood piles in a day or two. But I have to say, I like watching my lumberjack in action.

Splitting wood from Lisa on Vimeo.

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