Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Chili Cook Off!

This past Saturday was our neighborhood Chili Cook-Off and I had volunteered to be the lead with considerable help from cook-off veterans and volunteers. The tents/tables/chairs/lighting were set up in the morning followed by last minute decorations in the afternoon so that by the time crockpots of chili started arriving at 5:30, we were ready to go.
Eliza-Witch set up a fabulous tent to keep the little ones entertained.
The main tent housed all the chili, chili-fixens, hot dogs and non-alcoholic beverages.

We had 2 half-kegs and lots of wine at the "bar".
Storytime at the witch's tent.

 Tasting and voting in the main tent. I think there were at least 200 people in there at one point!
Several neighbors brought over firepits to the island in case the temps dropped. It turned out to be quite a warm evening but the fires were popular nonetheless.
One neighbor brought over her tablet and streamed the Cubs game live so no one would have to miss it! They won!
The band was amazing....the perfect backdrop for the night.

Anderlick, Miller & Otto band from Lisa on Vimeo.

In all, we had 30 people bring chili to compete in three categories: People's Choice, Judges Choice and Most Creative Name.

Gloria's vegetarian chili (Sweet potato, mango and beans) won People's Choice.
For the Judge's Choice, it was a tie between Uncle Ed's Classic Chili and Diane's Sweet Meat Chili.
And Andy won Most Creative Name for his World War C Chili (which was also quite tasty!).
I have to confess that I tried all 30 chili's and there is some serious competition here!
I am working on my recipe for next year!

Meanwhile, back in the witch's tent, Kate was making a new friend.
The girls had a blast, staying out until almost 10pm running around with their friends.
Len finally took the girls home while I stayed back for a bit and cleaned up with the rest of the volunteers.  It was a lovely night.

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