Sunday, October 2, 2016

Heart Letter, Month 82

Dear Lucy,

You are 82 months old!
You are settling into your new school and making friends pretty easily. Your newest obsession seems to be chewing gum and pokemon cards, both of which you use as currency on the bus and playground to get...wait for it....more gum and pokemon cards.


I try not to ask.

The new friends you talk about the most are Josephine and Myra. Myra's birthday was this month and you had a lot of fun painting your clay dog at her party.

Although I mostly only hear about the social aspects of school, you are also making progress in the academic realm. You have a new reading teacher as well as a speech therapist, both of whom you meet daily for a short period. Although you insist that you are the ONLY ONE who has to be pulled out for extra reading, I have it on good authority that you are not alone my love. And it has been working wonders. Your reading has improved and the "th" sounds that you practice daily have made a huge difference. You have really been working so hard this month.

Fortunately, we've had some time to play as well. We went kayaking as a family a few times earlier in the month and also went out after school a few times even though we needed sweatshirts since it was a bit chilly.
You played with Emme and some other friends at the end of summer pig roast.
And we had another trip in to Chicago to see Dr. Boyd for a checkup. You decided to give me your "I'm too cool for these shades" pose but the drool guard kind of flaws the look a bit...
We made time afterwards to visit one of your favorite parks and have an early supper in our old neighborhood.

Our second trip into Chicago was for Family Day at Daddy's work where you did three of your favorite things: dancing, petting a dog and eating cupcakes!

You must think Daddy has a pretty sweet job since you asked me: "What is the name of daddy's job? I want to work there too so I can play with dogs and eat cupcakes every day!" You didn't like my answer: "You have to go to school and study so you can graduate and then go to college and study some more, for many years, to get a PhD. THEN you can eat cupcakes and dance and play with puppies." I think I earned an eye roll and a heavy sigh for that one.

You lost tooth #5 this month!
This one was hanging by a thread so you asked Daddy to pull it out and out it came with barely a tug. I must say you are not the least bit squeamish when it comes to tooth pulling and it is fortunate that Daddy isn't either because we both know that I am not the one for the job. Every night you ask me for a story from my childhood and the one that cracks you up the most is this one:

I had a tooth that was loose so Nana was going to pull it out. We were on the floor of her bathroom and I was screaming and crying because I was afraid it was going to hurt. As soon as Nana would try to reach in I would clamp my lips closed (which made screaming and crying much harder to do btw). I would eventually open my mouth and she would reach in and I would scream louder. This brought MeiLing, our cat, in to see what all the fuss was about. Ascertaining that Nana was causing the noise by holding me to get at my tooth, the cat walked over and bit Nana!

I'm not sure what you find funnier: the cat biting Nana or the mental image of your mama screaming on the floor over pulling a loose tooth. (But I still think it wasn't as loose as yours....thus it hurt more...that's my story and I'm sticking to it).

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