Monday, October 17, 2016

Houston Visitors

Weekend before last our good friends Paivi, Euan and Euie came for a long weekend visit. Len was in FL during Hurricane Matthew (albeit on the Gulf side so it really didn't affect him) visiting his sister, uncle and some friends. Meanwhile, back in sunny IL, we found a lovely apple farm to visit on Saturday. Of course, no farm is complete without the obligatory rides to keep the children entertained.

And farm animals...much to Kate's dismay....
and Lucy's delight.
Lucy and Euie made sure all the animals got some love.

Kate and Lucy then took turns seeing how many tall things they could jump off of.
Love this one of Euie and his Papa.

Euie, not wanting to be left out, was sizing up the distance...
Meanwhile, Lucy was finding ever taller objects from which to launch her body.
 Still not too sure about how far the jump actually will be...
Now THIS train was just the right height and he went for it!
After lunch we picked some apples in the apple maze.

And ate a few as well.

Euie loved to pick the apples but was not too keen to actually eat them. Instead, he studied the map and kept us on the right course.

OMG--do you see how tall Kate and Lucy already are compared to me??  They will be reaching stuff on the tall shelves for me before too long...and Euie, only in kindergarten, is nearly as tall as the girls.
Len made it home on Sunday morning and picked up two buckets of worms on his way so the kids could do a bit of fishing after lunch. Len and Euan took the kids over to the island while Paivi and I went for a walk around the lake before meeting up with them.

Lucy learned how to bait her own hook.

A boy and his fishing pole...
She is still learning how to unhook the fish and throw it back.
The weekend came to a close all too soon. I had to go into Chicago for a dental appointment so after loading the girls onto the school bus, I drove everyone into the city. Paivi and company spent the day exploring the city and then headed home. We are already planning their next visit--hopefully during winter so we can do some ice skating/skiing!

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