Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Love Letter, Month 81

Dear Kate,

You are 81 months old and have finished nearly 2 months of first grade.
Your favorite subject by far is reading/writing, followed closely by math and Chinese. You are a voracious reader and were thrilled when Karlie sent you and Lucy a box of her old books.

You have even taken books with us when we go out to eat. It does make the time pass more quickly when waiting for a table!

You have a lot of homework, most of which is Chinese.
You and Lucy quiz each other on the words of the week.
You actually much prefer to work in your math workbook. You will finish all 5 pages for the week in one sitting and most times you are 1-2 weeks ahead of what has been assigned with very little input from me.

I chaperoned your recent field trip to the Stillman Nature Center. You really enjoyed learning about all the bugs and creatures that live there.

You have made a few friends that you mention quite often. One is Riko.
And the other is Myra.
You had a ball at her birthday party where you got to choose something to paint. Of course it was a cat.
You rode on your first parade float this month for Homecoming Week. All of the Chinese Immersion students/teachers/parents joined forces to build a float. Even Liu lao shi was there!

You were happy when you got to drum for a short while on the parade route.
We kept busy as a family as well. Earlier in the month we traveled to the city, once to see Dr. Boyd and have some pho and once for Family Day at Daddy's work.

We also got to spend a lovely weekend playing with Euie, Ms. Paivi and Mr. Euan when they came to visit. We spent one whole day at a local farm.

You and Ms. Paivi were in lockstep as you walked the apple orchard.
You ate 2 apples as you picked, mostly hoping to further loosen your two top teeth which don't seem inclined to vacate their home much to your dismay.

I think your favorite activity this weekend though was fishing. You caught several small perch and one pike that was easily a foot long. Daddy had to help you reel that one in but it wiggled off the hook right at the shore before we could get a picture with it. You said you were relieved that it got away before you would have to touch it as it looked too big!

As this is October, you are most excited for Halloween to arrive. You and Lucy have been planning your costumes for over a month and you settled on Ninjas this year.

You and Lucy can be found most afternoons practicing your Ninja moves and having sword fights in the kitchen while I fix supper.

You were sad this week when your bus driver, Mr. Pete, let us know that he had gotten another job and would no longer be driving. You spent an afternoon making him a card that alternately expressed your fondness for him and beligerently berating him for getting another job.
Your heart is big. You have not yet learned the hard lesson that some people come into your life for a season only. Last night was particularly hard as you realized again how many people you no longer see that you still love...the list was long and you cried for each one (Qiongwei lao shi, Xiang lao shi, Lina, Ms. Sara, Chengze....).

What I can tell you is that each person that you loved is still in your heart and you in theirs and even if you can't see them, you can feel them again every time you remember them. The good times you shared don't have to be forgotten. Moving away doesn't mean forgetting all the fun times. You can continue to love someone even if they are only in your life for a short while. If you can learn that simple (but complex) lesson, your life will be richer as you allow your heart to open to what you can learn from (as well as give to) each friendship without holding back for fear that they may someday be gone.

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