Tuesday, October 25, 2016

More home renovation/projects

Life certainly has a different pace now that we are homeowners again (as opposed to living in a new city condo). Len managed to get all of the wood from our downed trees split and stacked with the help of a power tool (what makes a man happier right?!).

Wood splitter from Lisa on Vimeo.

This is just the wood from the ash tree in our back woods.
This is the wood from the cedar, the two pines, the crabapple and the apple tree.
Everyday when I would go get the mail I would find another shingle on the ground. Our mailbox was falling apart piece-by-piece. There were carpenter bees in residence and finally the front fascia fell off so I brought home a new box system and Len got it installed.

Because the weed wacker from the lawn guys had hit it so many times, the entire post snapped when Len pushed it.

Carpenter bees...they'll need to find a new home!

We put a mulch border so the weed wacker and lawn mower can stay away from it. And I love the planter box in back! So much nicer!
Fall is finally here with colder temps and blazing orange and red trees. The maple in our front yard is gorgeous!

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