Monday, October 3, 2016

Self-directed learning

Last week I went to a school district meeting about the Chinese Immersion program. Someone had donated boxes and boxes of free Chinese books so I brought an armload of them home for the girls.

Last night after supper, both girls grabbed some writing workbooks and sat down to practice writing the characters they've been learning in class. Then I noticed that Kate was helping Lucy by quizzing her on the characters she had had so much trouble with last week...and Lucy was enjoying it! And better yet, she was being successful!

She got it! from Lisa on Vimeo.

It was so lovely to see her face flushed with self-confidence and radiating joy. And although I didn't get it on tape, she also got all of them correct when I mixed up the flashcards and she couldn't see the English words or have them in the order she was used to. Go Lucy!

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