Friday, October 14, 2016

"The Mistry Story Book" by Kate

Kate started working on writing a book this summer but with the move and starting school, it got lost in the shuffle. I finally found it buried in my files and today Kate put the finishing touches on it, just in time for Halloween. I will type it out exactly as she has spelled the words for integrity.

The Mistry Story. Book. 

Mistry Story by Kate

Wants thre was a little boy. He always wantid to have advinchers. But his dad wood not let him. So 1 very very dark night he quitle got out of bed and then outside his bedroom he saw the most scaryist thing he had seen in his live. It had sharp claws and very sharp teeth and it lookd hungry and it rilly lookd very very hungry. And it was hungry for inything and it was looking strate at him. He was scard He was alone for the first time in his live. He was very very scard. Face to face with this hungry monster. He was trimbling a lot. He screamd and stambled backwaerd. But instead of stambleing into his bedroom door he stambled into a tree. And the inormis monster was still follwing him. His mom and dad were now awake and coming down the stairs yeling Are you OK? But befor he coud anser from flat agest the tree, the monster was gone up the stairs. He follod the moster up the stairs and befor his eyes he saw the giat monster eat his mom and dad. And it still looked hungry. It turned it's little blak eys on him. He ran. The monster ran to cach him. He climbd a very big tree. The monster was at the bottam. He saw a housse as little as a stamp. But it was a blak bery. He saw lots! He was in a blak bery tree! He new he code't stay but he code't go down. He was stuk. But the monster was magic. The monster dubled himself. 1 climbed the tree and the other stade on the grownd. He was trapt. He jumpd. He fell down down SMAK! He hit the grownd. The monster fallade the boy. The monster turned back into 1 monster. It still looked hungry. He ran. The monster ran to cach him.  He was hungry. He found a DooDoo bery boosh. And the monster was out of site. He started to eat but unone to him the monster had gone invisable. He had just takin 1 DooDoo Bery and the monster was right beyhinde him. He ran and juped a tree. And pushed it into the monster! The monster jumped the tree. And the monster got him. He grabed a stik and pokked the monster in the eys but the monster did not run away. But the monster did let go of him. So he climbed a nerby tree. It was very sterdy. He climbed the tallist tree in the worled. He climbde as high as he coud but then he saw doodoo berys. He said: I have no time for doodoo berys. He jumpd and fell down down down SMAK!!! He hit the groud hard. Then the monster said: I'm hungry!!! WaWaWa said the monster. Well you don't get food if you be a bully do you? I don't said the moster. Well maybe if you wer't so mean peplle may give food. But I don't want to be nice said the monster. What do you wan't to be? A monster that's nice! OK I will not make you food. I will give you some cheas. And water. But that is all. Ok? Ok.

to be continud in Book Two.

Here is her cover page, page 1 and the back cover.


Elizabeth said...

This is amazing for grade one! In 25 years of teaching I have never seen anything like this. The language and vocabulary is incredible. Does the school offer any kind of gifted program? We have multi-age classes for grades 4-7, only a few across the city, and then at one school there are 3 day to 1 week programs offered for children in grades 2-3. I like the way you typed it and had absolutely no difficulty reading it! Please post part 2 when Kate's finished it.

Lisa said...

They don't test for gifted until 3rd grade. I have had her tested at Northwestern Univ. where they have gifted programs and she tested into their curriculum. Since we moved I opted not to enroll her in their enrichment classes as it would just be too much driving. She is pretty special we think and nice to have it confirmed with a teacher!


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