Thursday, November 10, 2016

A day off (and a look back)

We've had some rather unseasonably warm weather here so last Friday when the girls had off from school, we decided to explore a bit of our new surroundings. It was so nice to spend the entire day with them again...I didn't realize how much I missed having those unstructured days with my two girls, days to just go play, have some lunch somewhere and just enjoy not having to be anywhere or have to do anything in particular.

We first headed to a new playground to get out some morning energy and then have a snack.
Little monkeys from Lisa on Vimeo.

Then we hiked the trail in nearby Cuba Marsh Preserve.
Some women walking ahead of us found a grasshopper and shared it with K & L.
 I'm afraid this is probably the last of the Fall color.

We were pretty hungry after our hour long run/walk so we found a diner and had pancakes and bacon for a late lunch....linner? dunch?
It reminded me again of those seemingly endless lazy days when the girls were two and we used to puter around the neighborhood, watching construction workers for what seemed like hours.

Let's go right now! from Lisa on Vimeo.

The fish and the camel from Lisa on Vimeo.

Yep, I miss those days!


Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness! Those old videos are absolutely precious and priceless. I hope you have all of them backed up. What a long way Lucy has come! You did so much with them, exposed them to so many things and gave them lots of opportunities. I love how you talked to them and interacted with them the whole time. It is easy to parent with kids plugged into devices, believe me you see a lot of 2-3 year olds plugged in, but another to do it the way you did by being so "on". Your girls had such a great start!

Jennifer at HillandHome said...

I know! Our kindergarteners have had a couple of days off school this week and yes, it was like 'the good old days'! Today we biked past an area where a couple of years ago we ate our lunch sitting on a bench watching the construction workers pave the road! Treasure each season!


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