Saturday, November 12, 2016

Love Letter, Month 82

Dear Kate,

You are 82 months old.
Guess what your favorite activity is these days?

You love reading so much that the librarian at school is now allowing you to check out 3 books/week and if you finish before the next class trip to the library, you may return the books and check out more before class starts in the mornings. You told me that Ms. McCarthy is also allowing you to get books from the supplementary bookcases in the pod for a total of 10 books/week. You are positively devouring books.

When you aren't reading, you are writing. I walked upstairs to find these signs on your door.

Apparently, you are holding writing classes for Lucy?? When I checked in with your sister, Lucy confirmed that you are helping her with her spelling "words of the week" for Ms. McCarthy's class so you meet in your room for lessons.

You two may fight like cats and dogs at times but you love just as hard.
We had a day off from school this month so I arranged for us to have lunch and a visit to your old school in the city. You were thrilled when both Qiongwei lao shi and San-Nan lao shi asked you and Lucy to read to their classes. You read several books in Mandarin and loved the chance to lead the class in saying the words.

You were super excited to play with Shia again.
But the best part of the day for you was having dinner with all six of your teachers in Chinatown. I don't think you stopped smiling all night and I'm fairly certain that your feet were levitating as well.

Your work in math and language continues to astound your daddy and me. As of today, you were only supposed to have finished up to page 84 in your math workbook. You were on page 127 with very minimal input from me. Daddy was checking your work and noticed this page:
What struck him most was not just your logic in answering the question of how many buttons looked similar but the punctuation you used when writing your answer. When we asked how you knew to use a colon, you matter-of-factly told us you noticed how it was used in the books you've read and it made sense here as well.

You were given a weekend assignment to disguise a turkey drawing so it would be safe for Thanksgiving. This was your contribution:
"I'm not a turkey!" "I'm hte Ester Bunny!" "Im not kidding!"

At the Fall Assessment Parent/Teacher conference you got high marks in all subjects.
For Chinese, the target number of sight words you should have mastered is 27. You scored 38. In fluency, the target number was 26 characters/minute. You scored 27.
For math, the target number for composing was 10. You scored 36. For decomposing, the target number was 4 and you scored 7.

Your teachers also told us that they have recommended you to work with the extended teacher for high-leveled 1st graders. Starting next week you will be able to meet Tuesday afternoons for both math and English. You were super excited when we gave you the news and I'm hoping this will cut down on the number of times I have to hear you tell me how bored you are.

(No really, I'm serious about this. I just cannot listen to you tell me how bored you are as you roll your eyes heavenward. I was supposed to have at least 13 years before the eye-rolling started. You much too young to be deviating from the plan just yet. 'Tween behaviour Is.Not.Allowed.)
You love it when I visit the school so you can show off your work.

My last visit was for Halloween. Your class had a party so I brought a pumpkin with fruit hair and shared your classroom party with you and Lucy.
You insisted that I had to dress up if I was going to participate in the Halloween party so I surprised you at school with this. You were thrilled!

After the party, we came home to change in time for the Halloween party at the soccer field and trick-or-treating.
I think you went in the haunted house about 6 times.

Either you didn't have as many Kateisms or I've just been lax in writing them down but I did manage to remember one of them this month:

I like my long hair but I need the maintenance of short hair.

(Don't we all, don't we all...)

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