Thursday, December 1, 2016

Happy Birthday Lucy!

Today our lovely Lucy turned 7! Her party is on Sunday so I'll wait to do her heart letter until after that.

On that note, I've come to a decision about the love letters that I've written for the past 7 years. This one will be the last one that I post on this blog and Kate's will also end on her 7th birthday. When they were little, their milestones, challenges and accomplishments were pretty universal. As they've gotten older and are turning into actual people (!!), I've found myself editing their notes rather heavily, keeping in mind that this is a public forum and they may not want some information out there. But I still want them to know what was happening in their lives as they get older so I will keep writing to them...it just will no longer be on this platform and will be for their eyes only.

This morning we surprised Lucy with what has become a birthday tradition: new clothes. I hung them on her closet door after she went to sleep last night so she would see them when she got up. The fuzzy sweater was a big hit and took the chill off this morning over a special breakfast of french toast, sausage and raspberries.

Tonight we celebrated her birthday with homemade pizza, family gifts and a small cake.

After we sang happy birthday, Kate was asking her in Chinese, "Are you one? Are you two?" etc until she gets to 7 and Lucy replies yes! and wants to blow out her candle!

Lucy is 7 from Lisa on Vimeo.

She opened Kate's gift first...a pack of baseballs.
Len and I gifted her a baseball bat. If it hadn't been completely pitch black outside I think she would have headed out immediately to play!
Next up was her gift from China which I blogged about here 5 years ago. This year it was a Lion puppet.

The tag says, "Gather all the treasures in".

Binoculars and a book on birds was a big hit from YiaYia and Pappou.

Slippers from Aunt Kathy!
Bella wasn't too fond of the Lion...
She took refuge under the tree.
We celebrated both Lucy's and Kate's birthdays in FL over Thanksgiving with Meme and Papa which I'm hoping to post soon.

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