Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Lucy's 7th birthday party

We celebrated Lucy turning 7 with her friends on Sunday. Both girls helped me arrrange the tables and chairs and decorate the basement.

 I baked and frosted cupcakes instead of buying a big cake this year--Lucy loved them!
We kept her birth timeline that she made in her old school and just added a page to show her last birthday.
This year we had the illustrator and writer of the Bellosssoms series come to read her books and give an art lesson.

She started out by drawing a bunch of flowers, garden bugs and a Bellossom.
Then the lesson began. They drew a series of lines and shapes that would eventually become a polar bear.

 She also taught the girls to draw one of the Bellossoms. When the lesson was over, each girl got in line to have her caricature drawn while everyone ate pizza.

After singing happy birthday in both languages (most of her friends were from her school so speak Chinese too), Lucy set about opening her gifts. I loved seeing the excitement her friends had when she opened their gift and the explanation for why a gift was chosen.
 The day also happened to be our first snowfall of the year. It snowed quite steadily all day, culminating in about 4-5" of fluffy powder just begging to be formed into snowballs. We set the girls loose outside just before parents were due to arrive so they could burn off some cupcakes.

Our yard was magically transformed into a wonderland. This is what we call the hollar--where the baby deer ate from the apple trees all summer.

And now she is 7.

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