Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Skates!

Yet another reason to love living where we do is that the lake is not just to be enjoyed during the warmer months. Having grown up in FL, it is still taking me some time to adjust to winter activities for my kids. I've got the sledding and snowman building firmly in hand but ice skating anywhere other than a rink is new ground for us. However, if you live here, ice skating is what you do so with that in mind, we geared up. Rather than surprise the girls with ice skates for Christmas (especially with Kate's difficulties with new shoes/clothes and how they feel), we took them to a local resale store today to try on various pairs to see how they fit. We opted for hockey skates rather than ice skates and I'm really glad we did as you will see in the pics to follow! We also got a couple of pucks and some hockey sticks.

We headed out to the south end of the lake where some neighbors had already cleared a few patches of ice and the girls got their ice legs. Len and I had some nifty Snow Trax so we could walk out on the lake with the girls without falling down.

Kate found she could write her name with the blade.
Soon enough, their friends E and L arrived and the rink was set up for a hockey game.
He is as fearless above the water as he was this summer in the water!

Their siblings arrived much to Kate's and Lucy's delight. They get to see one of their favorite lifeguards in the winter too!

I just love how the older kids help the younger ones. Kyle, who was a lifeguard this summer, made sure that Kate and Lucy had plenty of opportunities to try to hit the puck into the goal even though the three boys were skating rings around my girls.

After almost 2 hours on the ice, the sun was sinking below the tree line and I couldn't feel my fingers anymore, even with gloves on. We called it a day and headed home where Nana had been tending a big pot of pasta sauce all afternoon. They were so exhausted we didn't even broach the idea of them staying up to see the new year arrive. They went to bed talking happily about doing it all over again tomorrow.
Happy New Year everyone!

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