Thursday, December 15, 2016

Santa came to the lake!

And it was magical! If you remember all the wonderful activities we did this summer and wondered who was responsible for coordinating it all, wonder no more. There is a Youth Committee who makes it all happen. Right after Halloween, the 2 year stint of the former members was over and they were looking for fresh faces so I volunteered. It's a great group of moms and we had a blast coordinating our first event: Santa.

One of our neighbors, who is a professional photographer, volunteered her services so everyone would have the perfect picture for their mantle. Here's what she did for our family:

This year's Youth Committee snuck in for a picture too!
But, before we get to that, let's back up to the day before.  Len got the chance to put our snowblower to good use...several times in fact since the snow fell over the course of a few days.

Meanwhile, the hill in our backyard provided a nice place to sled.
Then on Sunday, with snow continuously falling, the Youth Committee arrived on Rest Island to set up the tent, tables, Santa's chair, firepits, cookies and hot chocolate bar. Not long after, Santa and AnnMarie, the photographer, showed up.

The Garden Committee put up the Christmas tree which would be lit at 5pm.
The hot chocolate bar had a little something for the kids as well as adults...marshmallows, sprinkles, whipped cream, kahlua, baileys, rum, bourbon, etc.

I mean, does it get any prettier than this?

Lucy and Kate spent 3 hours playing in the snow and gorging on hot chocolate and cookies.

They managed to convince several people to pull them abd their friends around on a sled.

Ask dusk fell, the sky turned gray and the Christmas lights came on around the lake.
Everyone gathered around the Christmas tree.
After a few attempts and a few strings of lights not cooperating, the tree was lit and carols were sung.

Pati, another photographer in the neighborhood, took this picture of Santa crossing the bridge. Santa is actually her brother....shhhhh!

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