Friday, December 2, 2016

Thanksgiving in FL

This will be a pretty picture-heavy post as we crammed quite a bit into our short holiday. We started off bright and early Tuesday morning, armed with their school-issued iPads and audible books downloaded from the library (Harry Potter Book 3 for Kate, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for Lucy).
Safely landed in FL, we headed out for lunch and a quick game of checkers before the 2 hour drive to Meme and Papa's.
A surprise was waiting for the girls!

Since Lucy's birthday comes first, we sang to her and let her blow out the candles.
Then Meme relit the candles and we sang to Kate.
Make sure you get the flower in my piece!
They were gifted origami kits which kept them (and us) busy the rest of the evening.

Meme also made us matching kitty hats and a fabulous scarf for me (she also made cute owl hats for the girls).
The next day their cousins, Drake and Lainey, joined us for a day of play. We split our time between an indoor play area and the skating rink across the street.

Skating rink from Lisa on Vimeo.

Dinner was at a local Japanese restaurant that cooks at your table. Kate was not too enthused with the fire right in front of her but the rest of us enjoyed it!

Kate was very interested in Papa's walking stick (since he refuses to call it a cane...). It was actually a stick that he had found many years ago, most of it submerged in the water. He thought it looked cool so he kept it, cleaned it up and shellac'd the hell out of it. Now you know where Kate gets her love of found objects...
Thanksgiving day was spent at Sherry and Dale's where Meme had already been hard at work getting one of the turkeys into the oven (the other would go into the fryer later in the day). Len found their new puppy...
The girls insisted that they wanted to swim. Although it was warm outside, the pool water was not. Lucy was in and out in a flash.
Kate hung in there for about 5 minutes...just on principle.
Lucy headed for the puppy.
Dale couldn't carve the turkey faster than all the people lined up picking off pieces...

Dining alfresco!

Kate asked Aunt Sherry if she would cut her hair. It turned out to be a family experience...

She kept wavering back and forth about whether to go with a bob or a pixie. She opted for the bob and was pretty pleased with her new look! To have her hair off her neck improved her mood tremendously!
Next up was a game of Headbandz. It proved quite vexing for some...

On Friday, we were supposed to visit with Len's sister Kathy, her boys Stefan and Joe and her fiance Glen. Unfortunately, on the way up, their tire had such a massive blowout that it required a tow truck (bent metal, etc) so Len drove to bring the boys up while Kathy and Glen waited for the tow and rental car to arrive. We took the cousins out to eat lunch at a local Cajun place.

They burned off some lunch running around the town Christmas tree.

We then headed back to the indoor playspace where I have to say, I can't tell if the girls or our nephews were having more fun.

Kathy and Glen finally made it in time to meet up for supper at a local Chinese restaurant.

Saturday we were headed to visit with Kelly and her family. Kate got in a quick read while waiting for breakfast.
 One last pose for pictures...

We arrived to find Tony making lunch for everyone.
After lunch it was time to visit with the plethora of pets! Birds, bunnies, hermit crabs, cats, dogs and fish.

And a horse! Before they could ride Karlie's horse, they had to brush her down.

Karlie taught them how to lead Santana by using the reins. First up was Lucy:
Lucy & Santana from Lisa on Vimeo.

Next up was Kate:
Kate on Santana from Lisa on Vimeo.

After supper out, it was time for us to head to the hotel near the airport. Our flight out was scheduled for 7:20am.

The girls conked out before we got there.
They conked out again once we were back in Chicago and headed home. The 30 degree temperature drop didn't help.

But a restorative bowl of pho soup on the way home was just what we needed
We hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving! We did indeed, thanks to many friends and family who welcomed us in.

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