Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Santa visits the lake

Santa came to our neighborhood last week to take requests. The girls had their lists ready and were eager to share their wishes with him.

 The Youth Committee with Santa--another successfull event in the books!

In addition to the hot chocolate bar, complete with homemade cookies courtesy of neighbors, we had carriage rides and a kid's shop and wrap so they could buy presents for their parents.

Unfortunately, not long after our visit with Santa, the girls started picking non-stop fights with each other. And by non-stop I mean, there isn't enough liquor in our cabinets to survive the drama.
Charlie the elf to the rescue:

Charlie vanished for several days, giving me enough time to come up with some clever ways to spur comraderie and get our house clean in preparation for Nana's visit. Kate scrubbed toilets (all three!) and helped clean the rest of the bathrooms while Lucy cleaned the kitchen (counters and floors) as well as put away all the toys in the living room.
For the most part, it worked like a charm! That elf has to earn his keep!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Happy Christmas!

Christmas Eve brought us snow and freezing temps...just enough for the lake to be ready for skating! But first it was time to open their Christmas Eve presents from Charlie our elf before he disappears for another year. As per tradition, a new set of jammies to wear to bed for Christmas morning!

The girls donned their gear and grabbed their hockey sticks and off we went.  Fortunately, our friends had the same idea so the girls had company to play with on the ice.

It snowed the entire time we were out there so Len and I shoveled off the rink before we left.

After nearly 2 hours on the ice, we were all ready to head home for hot chocolate and gingerbread housemaking.

The coyotes are out in force it seems. We saw 4 in the space of 15 minutes. I managed to get two of them on camera but was sad to have missed the largest who looked quite like a wolf rather than a coyote. Alas, he was much more skittish than the others and skirted the tree line before melting into the woods.

Soon it was time for bed! In addition to Santa's snack, Lucy left him a note.

The girls were up at 5:15 (!!!!) but they stayed upstairs until we got up at 6:30. It was a dead-run from there. As you can see from the pictures opening their stockings, it was still dark outside.

First, though, is moving the countdown elf to the 25th!

Once the stockings were gutted, the hunt was on for the lucky pickle. Whoever finds it first gets to open the first present.
Lucy's eagle eye found it first!
Santa heard her wish for a nerf gun set (one to keep, one to share with a friend).
Santa brought Kate a drone with a camera as requested.
Cameras from Nana were a happy surprise.

Our big gift to the girls were dots for each of them. Now they can play music, listen to books and, as Kate excitedly discovered, "find synonyms and antonyms for words!" 
Kate's loot in the foreground, lest you think she got the crockpot!
Lucy's pile.
Finally it was time for breakfast--tater tot casserole!
With a full belly and the initial excitement over, Nana found a sunny spot to rest.
Len headed out into the super cold to test the drone. The battery died after only a few minutes from the extreme cold.
Fortunately, nerf guns require no batteries so the girls played outside for a bit with those instead, promptly losing 2 darts in the snow.
Too cold to stay out long, they headed indoors and set to work on making lightcatchers for the windows.

Lucy in the slippers Kate bought for her. Lucy gifted Kate with 100 more glow-in-the-dark stars for her ceiling.
We hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and happy holidays!


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