Thursday, January 26, 2017

Art Show

The elementary school held a school-wide art show last week. The girls were super excited to show off their work.

This is what their study was about: The Flowers of Peace by Picasso. To that end they looked at how colors are used, combining and juxtaposing warm and cool colors. They also studied the meaning of peace and wrote the names of family members with whom they would like to extend peace.

Kate's was titled "Happy Family".

Lucy's was called "I Love Bella".

Their pottery project was also on display. Kate made a pot with a lid. She said she had to work really hard to get the balls on top to stay put!

Lucy made a tea cup and worked diligently to get the handle on the side.

And I love the fact that the school has a kiln! There is also a school orchestra made up of older elementary students. They provided a concert during the art show.

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