Saturday, February 25, 2017


That's how I've been lately with my blog. Neglectful. February is always one of the hardest months for me. Even though we've had no snow it's been dreary and damp and just blech. And then last weekend the sun came out and it felt like the end of spring, when things warm up and the damp takes a hike. We spent one afternoon playing basketball, Lucy and me against Len and Kate, at the court down the street near the lake. We spent a lot of time outside just enjoying the break from the dreary, chilly dampness that will inevitably return before winter releases its grip. As I type the snowflakes have begun to fall tonight but instead of getting some nice substantial snow that could mean sledding and snowmen and snowball fights, the forecast calls for less than an inch which just means wet and slushy and nofunatall.

So what else have we been up to? A lot actually. Lucy's tumbling class continues and she's getting stronger and more confident.

Handstand from Lisa on Vimeo.

Kate is still very much enjoying Taekwondo.

Taekwondo kicking from Lisa on Vimeo.

We made the trek into the city last week to see Dr. Boyd for teeth cleaning and orthodontic work. Lucy had broken the wires on both the top and bottom braces so he put in some sturdier stock and thus far they are still in. As a treat for driving so far and missing school, we usually eat supper in Chicago and on our way to meet Len for pho we noticed that one of our old playgrounds on the lake had gotten a makeover. That meant we HAD to stop to try out all the new equipment.

And watch the wind whip the waves up onto the barrier.

We went a bit further west from here to visit with Len's cousins, Dolores and Ed. Lucy and Kate had a grand time playing tunes on the piano and flute while Dolores showed them how to play the trumpet.

Lucy and I took a walk while Dolores taught Kate how to play Soduku. She's hooked!

A newly minted Chicago friend has found a house very near ours and she came out for a visit with her kids last weekend. They will move here in April.

Seems like we had a lot crammed into a weekend right? Yes but...we had a 4 day weekend so we had a lot of time to fill. Our last outing was ice skating at a nearby rink (since our lake is completely thawed). In a bit of serendipitous good luck, some of Kate's and Lucy's classmates were there too which made the two hours of skating fly by.

As for me, I managed to get out of the house to play bunco with the ladies on Thursday night. We didn't get a group shot this time around but here's the one from December. It's a lively bunch!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Update on the girls' rooms

I had made Kate a shadowbox for the outfit my grandmother had made for her and for the hat she wore home from the hospital, which I put up in her room not long ago.
What I couldn't find was a shadowbox big enough to hold the clothing Lucy was wearing when we got her. Until now. I'm so happy with how it turned out and Lucy's LOVES it so much.

I managed to get all four pieces of clothing, her shoes, her bottle and the squeeky toy they gave her during the medical exam into that box.

I also found some frames for the drawings that were made during Lucy's birthday party.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Year of the Rooster

We've never been to Chinatown for the Lunar New Year. The girls just seemed too little and with our old neighborhood so close to the Vietnamese celebration, we went to that instead. This year the girls' school secured a spot in the parade so we got on the bus for the trip into the city.
Kate, as is her usual demeanor these days, was surly for most of the day. Riding the bus is not her favorite mode of transportation. I dosed her with motion sickness pills, sat her in the front row and hooked her up to an audible book but that only just took the edge off her gloomy outlook.

This one though...happy and thrilled to be outside with PEOPLE and DRAGONS and COLORFUL COSTUMES. She even held part of the school banner for the entire parade.
Wah wah.

Waiting for our turn to get in the parade.

Our school was announced and the Chinese Immersion program was highlighted as we got to the grandstand.

Group shot.
Several of the families met up for dim sum before we headed back home. Fortunately, the potstickers, dumplings, rice and buns had a rejuvenating effect on Kate and all was well thereafter.


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