Saturday, March 25, 2017

Chinese cartoons

In an effort to keep them fluent in Chinese, their Chinese teacher has uploaded Chinese cartoons to their iPads. Tom and Jerry still holds up, even in Chinese.

Tom & Jerry in Chinese from Lisa on Vimeo.

Friday, March 24, 2017

A date with the reading teacher

Last month our school had its annual fundraiser/auction. I bid on a date to the bookstore with Lucy's reading teacher and managed to get the winning bid so this week the girls set off with Ms. K to B&N for their date. Both girls got to spend an hour with her picking out a book and then having a treat at the coffee shop. They were thrilled to have her all to themselves and I enjoyed my kid-free hour reading elsewhere!
Kate picked out a novel and Lucy picked out a book about dog breeds (shocker).

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Of mice and children

There is always something exciting going on around here it seems. The book fair made another appearance at school last week. The girls made their lists the night before.
Their friend Emme was working at the book fair/pancake breakfast, helping to collect used books for charity.
School work seems never-ending...
 at least for Lucy.
Kate has additional homework from her penpal, YiaYia. Kate started sending her Chinese characters to learn so YiaYia sent her part of the Greek alphabet to learn. Kate was thrilled!

Now that she's getting stronger on the flute, practice is not such a battleground.
Kate had a bit of fun with my glasses one morning before school.
Chores are starting to expand as they get older and less likely to break things.
This weekend Lucy and I drove into the city to have lunch and a play afternoon with her friend Natalie. She calls Natalie her "orphanage sister". I wrote about our random finding of each other in this post a few years ago.
Bella earned her mousing merit badge last week and has proved herself a good addition to our family. Kate went downstairs and was the first to discover this in our basement.
Needless to say, she was horrified that we had mice in our house. Lucy, true to self, was horrified that Bella had killed it. Some new, cat safe mousetraps have now been planted in various locations just in case Bella misses any. I'm hoping, now that spring is imminent, that our little forest friends will find more suitable lodging outside.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Winter had to have one more say in the matter

We seemed to hear one last gasp from Old Man Winter last week. It wasn't a lot of snow but it was enough to make snowballs and sled down our tiny hill in the backyard.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Progress reports

It is rare that both girls are in good spirits when doing homework. I think one of them inevitably feels that they must take up the sword and let it be known that homework is an atrocity committed on children's free time. One night last week it was Lucy's turn. Both girls were working on studying for their Chinese writing test and their words/sentences of the week.
Grumpy homework from Lisa on Vimeo.

Even with all of the grumpiness, they are actually doing quite well with their school work. It's been a while (now that I'm not publishing their love/heart letters anymore) since I've updated you on their work. First is Lucy:
Studying Magritte:
 Chinese writing tests:

 Lucy's study on animals. In her world they are all happy and friends with each other. Not so in Kate's world as you will see below.
Year of the Rooster.
 Lucy wrote a rather lengthy paragraph which I assume is about snowflakes...

We also got this semester's progress report. Lucy is continuing to do well. She has moved up to a level H in reading (she started first grade at a level B). Comments from her English teacher: "Lucy arrives to school each day with a smile! She is showing great progress in her skills as a reader and writer, however, she is adding an "uh" sound to the end of each letter within a word, making it a challenge at times. She has grown a large bank of known words in reading and is working on transferring it to her writing. She continues to develop skills in independent learning. I am confident that the rest of the year will be full of great learning."

From her Chinese/math teacher: "Lucy continues to make progress in this semester, especially on Math. She appears to be more confident and comfortable with math learning. Besides showing increased interest in solving math problems, her computation skills have developed a lot. I encourage Lucy to continue having some extra practice with the basic math facts (1-10) at home. Lucy has been a great helper as my interpreter in class as always. I am happy to see how joyful it is for her to speak Chinese and sing all kinds of Chinese songs. Lucy would benefit from spending more time in practicing the reading (vocabulary and text) for each lesson to build a solid vocabulary foundation. I really love having Lucy learning with me and feel proud of all the progress sh ehas made so far."

Next up is Kate:
Studying Magritte
This is all work from her enrichment pull-out class:

Her Chinese writing tests:

 What she sees through her eye:
When Lucy first saw Kate's picture she asked, "What is all that red everywhere?" Kate replied, "Blood of course!" The lions were hungry...

 Year of the Rooster.

Kate was named Star Student in Chinese class. She was so proud!
 Welcome spring!
From Kate's English teacher: "Kate is an inquisitive learner who enjoys analyzing situations and making new discoveries. She continues to grasp, apply and connect concepts and ideas learned in class. She is working towards expanding critical thinking and logic skills through supplemental enrichment materials."

From her Chinese/math teacher: "Kate continues to thrive. Her academic and social-emotional growth is absolutely rapid and outstanding. She has built upon her solid Chinese language foundation with larger vocabulary and increased fluency in reading. Also, she has started to develop a strong passion for applying the characters we have learned in making her own sentences/paragraphs to express her opinions. Kate is a keen and flexible problem solver. Her math skills are growing fast as well. She is able to arrive at solutions by numerous plans often, which is very precious to a first grader. I anticipate that Kate continues developing at this pace."


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