Thursday, March 23, 2017

Of mice and children

There is always something exciting going on around here it seems. The book fair made another appearance at school last week. The girls made their lists the night before.
Their friend Emme was working at the book fair/pancake breakfast, helping to collect used books for charity.
School work seems never-ending...
 at least for Lucy.
Kate has additional homework from her penpal, YiaYia. Kate started sending her Chinese characters to learn so YiaYia sent her part of the Greek alphabet to learn. Kate was thrilled!

Now that she's getting stronger on the flute, practice is not such a battleground.
Kate had a bit of fun with my glasses one morning before school.
Chores are starting to expand as they get older and less likely to break things.
This weekend Lucy and I drove into the city to have lunch and a play afternoon with her friend Natalie. She calls Natalie her "orphanage sister". I wrote about our random finding of each other in this post a few years ago.
Bella earned her mousing merit badge last week and has proved herself a good addition to our family. Kate went downstairs and was the first to discover this in our basement.
Needless to say, she was horrified that we had mice in our house. Lucy, true to self, was horrified that Bella had killed it. Some new, cat safe mousetraps have now been planted in various locations just in case Bella misses any. I'm hoping, now that spring is imminent, that our little forest friends will find more suitable lodging outside.

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