Thursday, March 9, 2017


For their birthdays and/or Christmas (I can't remember which), both girls received various short books and pamphlets that teach them about discovering things outside. Everything from animal tracks to animal scat to leaf and bark identification is covered. We had a light covering of snow a week or so back so Kate investigated the various tracks on our deck. She identified possum and chipmunk.
A few days later it had warmed up so the girls set out for some exploring of the woods to see who had pooped there recently. Having a long range lens is coming in handy these days...

As they trekked further into the woods, a swarm of robins settled into our trees for a snack.

I love their hunting stance...

Their final synopsis was that they had found deer poop, coyote poop and bear poop. Since they aren't familiar yet with scale as shown on the page vs in real life, it turned out that the bear poop looks an awful lot like various other types of poop, only bigger proportionally, so it could have been possum or racoon. Suffice to say, we have a lot of critters using the bathroom in our woods.

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