Monday, April 10, 2017


Lucy has been asking nonstop for a dog and a basketball hoop. In order to stall her on the dog and goad her into more reading, I have put her in charge of researching breeds, pet care, etc. and that has bought me some time. As for the bb hoop, I just didn't want to spend anymore money on things for my kids. Let's be honest...they are money pits. And then NEVER stop asking for the next thing. So, no.more.money.for.things.

Then I had a thought...what if some of the empty nesters in our neighborhood wanted to be rid of their unused hoops? I see them dotting the driveways all over and I know that not every one of these houses still has kids who play. I put out a plea on our neighborhood yahoo group and wah lah! Three offers later, we now have a bb hoop in our driveway...the only cost was retrieving it from the east side of the lake to the west side. Good thing we had a van and a socket wrench.

In case you noticed the face paint, the girls took part in an expo at the high school that morning. Face painting, throwing clay on a wheel, painting, music and singing were all part of the mix.

Goofy kids.

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