Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Garage before and after

Although we renovated this a while back, I think I forgot to post the pics. The cabinetry that came in our garage wasn't the most efficient use of space for the items that we needed to store. Everything was behind closed doors which, while nice in kitchen, is not so great when you have kids who want to access their toys.

First order of business was to tear out the old cabinets. I listed them on a local website and within a day had someone out here with a pickup who said he could use them.
I worked with a neighbor who has a carpentry business to build something better and it really works quite well. For winter, we stored the summer items up high and the sleds and snow toys down low. We'll reverse this as soon as it's warm enough to get the boats back down to the lake. Len has a tool bench to the far left that still needs organized. Moving the freezer down toward the door also made more room for storage.
This area is for gardening supplies and such. The bikes are now off the floor which has made a huge difference in terms of space. A neighbor was giving away a small bike so we took it for those times when the girls have a friend over and want to go biking together. I'm surprised by how many times it has been used.

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