Sunday, April 30, 2017


I know I should love Spring with its flowers, budding trees and promise of warmer temperatures. But Spring is a tease, a tramp that promises more than it can deliver. More often than not, Spring is rainy and chilly and windy. Spring lulls you into a false hope with its one or two sunny, warm days followed by weeks of rain, wind, and cold. Down go the windows and up goes the furnace. Shorts are stashed back in drawers and coats that were cleaned and put up for storage are wrestled back onto outraged children who look at you accusingly, as if you are the fickle Mother Nature herself.

Last week, the spring storms took one of our big trees down. It already had a canker spot which was the point at which it snapped when the big winds blew through. We got very lucky as it was held up by the surrounding trees and did not smash all the way to the ground or onto Santa's gift.

The village arborist got his crew out to our house before the girls had even left for school.

The chainsaws didn't seem to bother the goldfinches at our feeders. I love that you can see the fallen tree behind.
It left a big hole in our woods...
The mud combined with a truck full of large logs led to their truck being completely stuck in the ditch until another truck could come pull them out.
The falling tree sheared off a good bit of our evergreens.
It looks so bare now.
Another sign of spring, though, is butterflies. We've had a few flitting around these past couple of weeks so I ordered 2 cups of caterpillars for the habitat that Uncles RyRy and Paul gifted us a few years back. Here they were on April 20.
Seven days later.
By the next day, one cup was well on its way with 4 of them ready to transform. The other cup is in the slow class.
Last night, all but one in the fast cup was transformed. One never went to the top but just lay like a slug and transformed in the poop. I'll have to scoop him out when it's safe to move them.
As of tonight, all but one have transformed. One in each cup never made it to the top but stayed in the poop/food mix on the bottom. Hopefully by tomorrow morning, our last holdout will turn himself upside-down and start the process. Then in 3 days we can move them to their habitat to become butterflies.

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