Tuesday, April 11, 2017


When we moved in, I had high hopes for fresh apples, apple pie, apple crisps, apple tarts. What we got instead were sour apples, lots of deer and a yard full of apple sauce and bees. This weekend Len took care of the problem with a chainsaw and a bit of child labor.

The far tree is down and Len is stacking the wood.

The second tree down and the stack is higher. The girls and I put up a couple of bird feeders during the major portion of the sawing.

Kate's arms are not quite strong enough to hold the wheelbarrow up for long periods but she soldiered on.
Teamwork gets the job done!
They did 4-5 loads--picking up sticks and branches and then wheeling them over to the firepit.

Bella enjoyed having the windows open. She really enjoyed it when the birds and chipmunks discovered the bird feeder! We can see the critters from the kitchen as well as the living room.

I drew up some plans for a large, raised bed veggie garden complete with chicken wire and a door.

I spent this last year watching the sun and trying to figure out the best place for a garden. Now that the half dead apple trees are gone, I think this will be the best place. It is flat and will get sun for most of the day. It's also not anywhere near our septic field or water lines. I'm hoping to have that for this summer and then next summer I will work on a compost area near it. The chicken wire and door are crucial. On Friday afternoon I planted our front stoop pots with plants that are supposedly deer resistant according to the sign at the store. Unfortunately, the deer didn't read the same sign and by Saturday morning they had discovered their treat. This was the pot they didn't eat.
 And this was the pot they did. It was off to the store for coyote urine with which to soak the plants.
The girls took a break from working to have a lie-about while Len ate a late lunch and I put on a pot of sauce for supper.

Quite satisfying after a hard day of outdoor labor.

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