Friday, May 19, 2017

A veggie garden!

One of the things I was most looking forward to when we moved from the city was the chance to have another veggie garden. Len and I had built this when we lived in DC but I only got to enjoy it for one season as we moved to a city condo in Chicago the following year.

This was what it grew into at peak season that summer.
I spent this past year watching the sun and surveying our yard to figure out the best place to put in a new garden. This time though, we have lots of veggie loving animals to contend with and a lot more trees casting shade, not to mention a septic field to steer clear of. I finally settled on the hollar where the dying apple trees were. Since they weren't cut down by the professionals who felled the much larger trees, Len got to work on these two trees earlier this year.
Stumps ground and ready for a new life!
I drew up a plan and asked our neighbor (who also redid our garage) if he could build it.
After a bit of back and forth with the design, we agreed on a start date. First came staking out the outline.
Then he built the boxes and lined it all with ground cloth.
Once the boxes were in place, I ordered 6 cubic yards of soil/compost mix which was dumped unceremoniously on our driveway.
I spent more time than I care to admit moving it one wheelbarrow at a time until Mike drove past with a skidsteer loader that he had been using at a neighbor's house and offered to move the rest. He knocked it out in an hour.
The machine tore up the grass but some grass seed should fix it by summer. That's a small price to pay for not having to fill that whole thing up one wheelbarrow at a time.
The girls and I spent Mother's Day planting seeds. The girls picked out their favorite seeds to plant. For Kate it was cucumbers, kale, arugula, broccoli rabe, and sugar snap peas. For Lucy it was carrots, kohlrabi, parsley, green beans, and snow peas. And for me it was radishes, cilantro, and beets. And to liven everything up we added moon flowers, nasturtiums, and sunflowers.

This week Mike came back to finish up.

 By yesterday we had things popping out of the ground.

Now that it's completely done, I'll fill in with a few not-from-seed plants like tomatoes and basil and some marigolds to fend off the bugs. We had a rainy, cold day today which is expected to last the weekend. The cool wet weather should help the leafy greens like kale, cilantro and arugula but I'm glad I don't have the warmer weather plants like tomatoes and basil in just yet as they would not be happy with daytime temps hovering at 50 degrees and lows in the lower 40s. Brrr!

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Ann said...

Okay Mike, I'm next! Love this!


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