Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Butterfly update

(**This part was written on Saturday so there is an update below.)

Our butterflies are still with us, although one got stuck in his (her?) chrysalis and bent its wings. Len looked up how to help and google said to dab some water onto the chrysalis to help it fall off. We did that and it did fall off but the damage was done.
It was one of the caterpillars who did not attach to the top of the lid but had fallen. The other butterfly emerged ok but this one has had a hard go of it.
I'm not quite sure what to do as it will surely die on the ground outside. For now, since we are still waiting on one butterfly to emerge, he (she) is limping around and fluttering painfully over to the fruit to eat. It's so sad.

I managed to be in the room when three of them were emerging and grabbed my phone to capture one just as it was emerging.

Butterfly emerging from Lisa on Vimeo.

Sadly, they all came out while the girls were at school (literally, two of them were popping out just as the school bus was pulling away from our front drive).

**Update: all of the butterflies were out as of Sunday so we kept them until Monday after school. The butterfly with the damaged wing finally died so I didn't feel so badly about letting them all go.

Kate was not so enthusiastic about the butterflies this time around. This one was perched on a flower but that was still too close for comfort.

Lucy coaxed them all out.

This was the only one who didn't fly off immediately. He seemed to need a little time to adjust to all this space to suddenly fly! The others took off and we lost them within seconds.
The one with the broken wings.

Lucy spent a lot of time examining him (her?). She finally laid it to rest in the garden under some flowers.

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