Monday, May 15, 2017

Chemistry class

Saturday was Kate's last chemistry class with Northwestern Univ. CTD. It unfortunately, was a much shorter session than the last one...unfortunate because she enjoyed chemistry so much more than brainbusters.  On the last day, parents are invited in to see a small bit of what they've been working on.  First up was the classic, vinegar/baking soda/food color experiment.

It quickly volcanoed over as she added more and more to her cup.

Next up was counting how many drops of water would stand on a coin until it overflowed.
To learn about surface tension, they started by making a hypothesis, then followed up by counting the drops on each coin to see how close they were.
The last station was a bingo game. Kate teamed up with a friend to be the callers and the people playing had to guess the correct answer to fill in their bingo cards.  (Example: To remain suspended within or on the surface of a fluid without sinking. Answer: Float.)
We'll be taking the summer off from classes/camps but hopefully there will be some more exciting classes for her in the Fall. Eventually, these classes will count towards school credits as she gets into the higher grades but for now they are a great way to supplement her very active brain!

PS--don't you love all the girls in this class!?

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