Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Last day of first grade!

Getting just one shot where they are standing still and both looking in the same direction these days is...difficult.

Ahhh....got it.
Notice the stains on Kate's pants, her dress is on backwards and is entirely too small to even be called a dress anymore, uncombed hair, Lucy's socks (or anything else for that matter) don't match...it is indeed the last day of school.

By comparison, here they are on the first day of first grade:
So respectable looking! You can totally tell that a different woman was in charge on this day. A woman who had already been awake for a couple of hours, was herself dressed, with a hot breakfast made and lunches packed.

This week I'm lucky if I'm out of my pajamas when the bus rolls up and I'm just happy at that point that they have their private parts covered and some semblance of lunch and snack in their bags.

Welcome SUMMER! The daily slog to get up and out is over and we can sleep in, play, rest and recharge.


Elizabeth said...

Have a wonderful summer! No moving this year! We have one more full month of school up here in Canada. We finish on June 29th and go back the day after Labour Day. Hope you can get on to the lake and to the beach soon. Congratulations Kate and Lucy!

Lisa said...

Hi Elizabeth! I've been wondering how you were doing and tried emailing you by commenting on one of your blogs but got no response so was hoping you were still ok. Please private email me and fill me in!


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