Monday, June 19, 2017

Still playing the same as they did...

when they were 2 and 3 years old. Lots of fighting over territory but also lots of imagination using the same toys they've had for years. We've had a bit of rain in the afternoons which has led to less beach/lake time. In takes more effort to keep them off electronics (and with the added problem of all their toys/art supplies wrapped in plastic in the basement...), but in the end they are more creative and they come up with funny vignettes like this one:

Creativity from Lisa on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

How does your garden grow?

Our garden is flourishing!  Although the radishes are a bit spicy for them, they loved pulling them out of the ground.
Cleaned up and ready for olive oil, pepper and a bit of salty, grated pecorino!
The radishes are in the foreground (we still have a lot of radishes...I took this picture AFTER harvesting) with carrots in the corner. Next to that are the beets and kohlrabi.
From the left: broccoli rabe, then green beans. The very talls plants at the back are mammoth sunflowers.
Sugar snap peas, snow peas, basil and two tomato plants, and parsley just coming up.
Kale and arugula--after I had already taken a giant bowl of leaves for our supper!  Cilantro is just to the left of the kale and is almost being covered by them. I'll need to work on my spacing next time.

Three hills of cucumbers.
With the exception of the basil and tomatoes, everything else was started from seed. Amazing how fast everything is growing!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Oh how I hate thee, Basement

With fans and dehumidifiers running day and night for 72 hours, Thursday was to be the day we could return to quiet and I could get some work done on scheduling the construction to put it all back together. After the girls and I returned from tennis lessons, I went downstairs to check on things and was greeted with more water.

The culprit, after much investigation of pipes, sump pump, water heater, etc.....was the new water softener.  The plumber did not connect the drain to it, nor was there a pump connected, so the water just filled up the tank and the rest overflowed.
Seriously. What an idiot.
So I spent the better part of my day (literally it took until Len got home at 6pm for the last workman to leave the house) cleaning up, calling a new plumber and getting it all covered, not by our insurance, but by the company who specified and installed the softener. And now we still have 11 fans and 2 large dehumidifiers running until Monday.

I miss our 3rd floor condo sometimes.

**Because I'm looking for a silver lining: there are a plethora of babysitters just looking for work in our 'hood so the girls got to spend the day at the lake with a lovely 14 year old who walked them there, played with them for 3 hours and then walked them home.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Summer 2017...begins

Most of our summer thus far has been readjusting to a new, slower pace. And swimming. Lots and lots of swimming. Interspersed with arguing, kvetching about fairness (or the lack thereof), chores, yoga, reading, tennis, flute, piano, more arguing followed by tears and slamming doors, gardening and laughter, movie nights, friends and kayaking.

Until the past few days, it's been cool enough to have the windows open day/night. Bella was a very happy kitty.
I've managed to get out twice for kayaking with the ladies on Thursday evenings.
 Many times we are the first ones on the beach after the guards arrive.
Every Friday the guards do "Fun Fridays" with a different activity. At this one it was color your own bandana.
The girls are getting much faster with their kayaking which makes going out with them more enjoyable for everyone.

Both girls passed their swim tests so that they can swim to the far docks again. Lucy completed her 6 laps in 4:25 and Kate completed it in 5:33 (the test is 6 laps in 6 minutes from dock to dock with no stopping). They were pretty tired afterwards.
With that feat accomplished, I am allowing them to kayak by themselves around the island as long as I'm out there. They love the new-found sense of freedom!
Swim lessons have begun. They are working on making their swimming stronger and getting the correct form for the strokes. She's also got them learning to dive off the far dock.

With all the togetherness of the past year, they are taking some time to play alone or with separate friends.

Sometimes though, you still have to go to lunch with your sister. It started out well enough with coloring by the lake.
Waiting for food is so very hard.
And sometimes you just need your own table to be able to eat in peace.
We have been enjoying our first harvests from the garden: tender baby kale and arugula. We are all eating salads most nights now.
Tennis lessons started last week here in the neighborhood. The girls go twice a week and I go once a week with three other women from my book club.

Three girls on a kid's kayak is one too many...
Going nowhere fast.
 And there it is....the goal was really just to fall into the lagoon.

Because adding a fourth girl is going to work....

Their former classmate from Chicago came to visit this past weekend. They, of course, had to let him experience "falling" into the lagoon for himself.

Shia had had enough so Lucy "rescued" him by pulling him to shore.
He was a good sport about it!

It was a great night for a bbq even with all the work going on in our basement...yep. They visited on Sunday, the same day we had the water softener event.

It's always so good when old friends visit!


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