Wednesday, June 7, 2017

End of School Party

Two Words: TACO TRUCK! Yep, the Youth Committee arranged for a taco truck to show up at the end of school party in our neighborhood which turned out to be quite popular. Last count was 80 adults and nearly 100 kids!

He started setting up just before 5pm on the last day of school.

As soon as she spied one of her favorite lifeguards, Kate jumped off the playset and hovered....
 The line got long (and stayed that way for 2 hours) but moved pretty quickly.

Kate stayed mostly on the playground...
 while Lucy took part in an impromtu game of soccer in a neighbor's yard.
She's very zealous...
And, as is our normal pattern for the first day of summer, we had injuries. Kate fell off the monkey bars (those damn bars again!!) and hit her head.
Lucy hurt her foot and ankle, I think from twisting it or hitting the ball the wrong way...no idea really. But a bit of ice and lots of kisses and sympathy went a long way towards righting the injury.
Kate, meanwhile, milked her injury so much that Bella had to step in and provide some solace.
Fortunately, no broken bones and by the next afternoon, all was well.

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