Monday, June 12, 2017

Lucy has allergies

Lucy has been struggling with allergies since the onset of spring. We tried several OTC allergy meds but nothing was really working and then she woke up looking like this a couple of weeks ago:
So a trip to an allergist was set and soon she was sitting on a table with a back full of scratch tests, itching like mad. Most of her back lit up.

Turns out she's allergic to tree, grass, ragweed and weed pollen, mold and dust mites. She's also mildly allergic cats, dogs and feathers. So for now we've got her on a prescription medication and we're considering shots which will build up her immunity over time so she will not need the shots as often. We're replacing her feather pillow but not the cat. Since she didn't seem to have a reaction to Bella before the onset of all the spring pollenation, we're hoping the meds will take care of her seasonal allergies. But it will change what type of dog we eventually get so we don't add to the allergy load on her.

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