Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Nothing good ever happens in basements

I hate basements. I grew up in FL where a basement meant the equivalent of a pool. I don't think Mother Nature intended for people to live under the earth's crust and she tries to show us that in various ways, most of them involving water. And since it's also where most teenagers with basements also lose their virginity, I'm thinking of just boarding the whole thing up and pretending it doesn't exist until the girls are off to college.

Sunday morning I got up early to tackle my giant to-do list. I was just finishing watering the garden when both girls met me at the door and informed me, "Hey! We have a pool in our art area! Oh, and we're hungry. Can you fix breakfast?"

I skidding downstairs to find standing water in the back of our basement with it quickly seeping into the rest of the carpeted part. After quickly moving all of the artwork and photos still on the floor in the office along with a bunch of boxes I haven't unpacked from last summer, I got to work shopvac'ing up the water while Len found a water remediation company. They were awesome...a one-stop shop for help. They had a team out to rip up the flooring/baseboards and sop up the remaining water and take away all of the debris. Then they came back with blowers and dehumidifiers. A plumber arrived to take out the old softener and install a new one. And all of it, with the exception of paying for the new softener, was covered by insurance. The blowers/dehumidifiers will run for 72 hours and then we can have them back to install new flooring.
I didn't get any shots of the standing water since we were so focused on saving our stuff and getting the water up. This was taken after the workers had already started taking up the wet carpet.

The scene of the crime.
The water level is supposed to be down around the salt. It just kept rising until it overflowed. It was an old system...probably around 13 years old or so.

They bagged all of our stuff into the dryer part of the basement and set up the fans/dehumidiers.
The new softener is installed and they removed the old system on Monday.

The sump pump never kicked in because the carpet/padding was wicking it up before it could trigger the pump. I think we need to relocate that sensor...

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