Saturday, June 17, 2017

Oh how I hate thee, Basement

With fans and dehumidifiers running day and night for 72 hours, Thursday was to be the day we could return to quiet and I could get some work done on scheduling the construction to put it all back together. After the girls and I returned from tennis lessons, I went downstairs to check on things and was greeted with more water.

The culprit, after much investigation of pipes, sump pump, water heater, etc.....was the new water softener.  The plumber did not connect the drain to it, nor was there a pump connected, so the water just filled up the tank and the rest overflowed.
Seriously. What an idiot.
So I spent the better part of my day (literally it took until Len got home at 6pm for the last workman to leave the house) cleaning up, calling a new plumber and getting it all covered, not by our insurance, but by the company who specified and installed the softener. And now we still have 11 fans and 2 large dehumidifiers running until Monday.

I miss our 3rd floor condo sometimes.

**Because I'm looking for a silver lining: there are a plethora of babysitters just looking for work in our 'hood so the girls got to spend the day at the lake with a lovely 14 year old who walked them there, played with them for 3 hours and then walked them home.

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