Thursday, June 1, 2017

The past few weeks....

have been busy and today will be my last free day in a while now that summer is upon us. We've kept busy, mostly with end-of-school activities like the Chinese immersion council's potluck where we got to spend some extra time with Liu lao shi.

 A karate demonstration rounded out the evening.

Next up was a field trip to Chinatown in Chicago. They each handle bus rides in different ways...since Lucy is a morning person, she sat with her friends while Kate lounged on me and tried not to throw up. (Yes, she had dramamine...). Lucy, who peaks at noon, rode with me on the way home.
Lots of wind and sideways rain on top of traffic made listening to our guide nearly impossible.

If you were to ask them what they loved and remembered most about the trip it would come down to food and fidget spinners. So much for the guided tour....
Kate, refreshed from lunch, hits her stride in the afternoon and evening and was happy to sit with Ella on the way home.
Freed from volunteer work, I finally got my kayak down from the garage storage and put it in the lake a couple of weeks ago. It was so nice to be back out there by myself.

Lots of ducklings.
 And goslings.
And even a swan! I think he must have just been stopping by on his way to somewhere else as I haven't seen him since.
Lucy finished up basketball at the park district.

We spent an afternoon at the Long Grove Chocolate festival which meant everything was chocolate...including painting.

Wacky hair day was...colorful.

A morning person she is not.

The girls decided they wanted to make cards for every one of their teachers (and letmetellyou, there are a lot...9 between them) plus the librarians, school nurse, principal and office staff. Our basement looked like this for a couple of weeks as they worked on a few cards per day.

For their two main teachers, we wrapped up a summer present of beach towel, magazine and sunscreen.
Memorial Day weekend turned out to be lovely weather so Kate and I kayaked around the lake and over to the beach on Saturday.

Later in the day she asked if she could go out by herself. This was her first solo trip around the islands.

Waiting for fish with no bait was an exercise in futility.

AJ caught a crawfish in the lagoon much to everyone's surprise!
Len found a baby deer leg in our yard Monday morning.

The joint was still loose so it must have been someone's breakfast right before we came out. On a side note, when we do get a dog it will probably be a big one so it doesn't become a meal.

The graduating class of 2017 visited their home elementary schools on Monday. Kate was delighted to see her babysitter/lifeguard Corinne who stopped to take a selfie with her.
I had to go in for a second mammogram on Monday so Lamar and Emme's mom picked up the girls from school and treated them to ice cream.
The second mammogram led to an hour long ultrasound resulting in a "we think everything is benign but we want you to come back in 6 months". Turns out there were 4 spots seen on the mammogram but only 2 could be found with the ultrasound. Those 2 looked like benign cysts. Needless to say, I DID NOT NEED another cancer scare and I'm hoping that the 6 month scans show no change. I won't be declared free and clear of these spots, though, until I hit the 2 year mark with no change. Here's hoping for benign findings....I'm not sure where I would find the strength for another round of cancer fighting.

What a way to end this post but that's a wrap on the last few weeks around here. We will soon start swim and tennis lessons here in our neighborhood, swim team at the lake and kayaking in between. I'm hoping we can all rest and relax, read, garden and swim until school and schedules find us again in August.

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