Sunday, July 16, 2017

4th of July 2017

We arrived back home the day that all the festivities kicked off here for the 4 day 4th of July. There were plenty of things to keep us busy...Nana included as she flew back home with us to visit for 2 weeks. Kate had been talking about playing Bingo for the entire past year so she was totally ready when it came time to focus on the calls.
She even ran back over to play after the swim races.
Swim races consisted of various relay races involving watermelons, water guns and just plain swimming as fast as you could.


Soon after the swim races, there was tug-o-war and kayak/canoe races.

When things were calmer, the girls went out canoeing.
New this year was a donut and pie eating contest.

Pony rides and face-painting again at the soccer field.

Kate signed up to show off some Taekwondo moves at the Youth Talent Show.

Kate taekwondo at talent show from Lisa on Vimeo.

Because that went faster than the 5 minutes she was allotted and the next act wasn't ready, Lucy and Kate decided to sing some Chinese songs to fill the dead airtime.

Lucy and Kate Talent show from Lisa on Vimeo.

On the last day, the parade wound through the neighborhood, ending at the lake. I rode with the Kayak Chicks this year. We meet every Thursday evening to kayak around the lake.

One of the neighbors at the end of the parade route sets up a tent in his front yard and serves Bloody Marys and Mimosas to everyone.

A pancake breakfast followed.

Albeit a bit late, I hope you and yours had a lovely 4th of July this year!

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