Sunday, July 9, 2017

Florida 2017, Part 1

The first part of our FL vacation began in Ocala, visiting Papa and Meme. We kicked it off by celebrating Meme's birthday since we had missed it earlier in the month. Happy Birthday Meme!
We headed to Gainesville the following day to have lunch and to see the frog exhibit (see yesterday's post) and got lucky as we arrived right as the butterflies were being released.

This butterfly landed on Lainey and stayed there for a good 20 minutes until she had it removed so we could leave.
Lucy was earnestly trying to accomplish the same thing.
She got one to land just long enough for a picture.
Kate, in the background, was pouty and hot...no butterflies came to her.

Back in the a/c, we explored the frog exhibit.
Lucy dug around in the contents of a bat's stomach.

The skeletons of animals found in FL was really quite extraordinary!
The following day, Len and I headed to Crystal River for an overnight free of kids. Meme and Papa held down the fort with the four cousins. Lots of pooltime and shopping ensued.

With all of us back at the house, there were plenty of shenanigans. Armpit farting, for starters.

Armpit farts from Lisa on Vimeo.

Seeing if you are small enough to fit through the legs of the barstool...

Not quite.
Drake and Papa largely ignored it all.
Next up was "Feats of Strenth and Flexibility" between Lainey and Lucy.

Meme and Kate sat that one out.
Kate asked Papa to show her the "Detach your Thumb" trick.
While Lucy was still trying to show off her muscles to anyone who would look.

Soon, everyone was trying the thumb trick.
Once we had all detached our thumbs multiple times, it was time to load up the car, kiss Papa and Meme goodby until next time and head to the beach.

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