Saturday, July 15, 2017

Florida 2017, Part 2

As we left Ocala for Crescent Beach, we stopped at our usual place on HWY 40 for boiled peanuts, sampling a few as he scooped 4 bags for us.

We stopped to pick up my mom and all the groceries she had picked up for us and then headed to the beach.

We soon settled into a pattern of beach, pool, beach, pool...until bedtime. Kate and Lucy were super happy to have Karlie and Abbie to amuse them and spent most mornings trying to figure out which one might be awake first to entertain them.

Problems only arise when one child wants the pool and everybody else votes for the beach.

She did not want to be talked into enjoying any part of the beach...
so everyone took off for the water and left her there.

FOBLO ("fear of being left out", which L has in spades) was too strong. Seeing everyone in the water lured her out...but not before standing pitifully on the shoreline for a spell.
She was soon cheered up by riding the waves though.

Abbie with her mom Laurie.
Soon enough we were all in the pool.

Kate and Lucy asked Taylor to throw them "high and far".

Taylor's throwing arm Part 1 from Lisa on Vimeo.

Lucy was done after the first throw. Kate came back for many more.

Taylor's throwing arm Part 2 from Lisa on Vimeo.

"Please, just a few more throws?"

Landing repeatedly on your face and belly just didn't look like fun to me but she was having a blast.

One morning we arrived to find a gopher turtle going for a swim. We were a bit worried that it would drown but after asking one of the Coast Guard guys, we learned that turtles normally come down for a swim to wash off the ticks that collect on them in the shore grasses.

Everyday was pretty much like the rest...which is not a bad way to live here I must say. Our tents went up in the morning and came down each late afternoon.

Two of my oldest and dearest.

It's always time for an ice cream break on the patio!

Diving and swimming competitions (EVERYTHING is a competition with these two) took place daily.

Who can swim farther underwater? from Lisa on Vimeo.

Karlie celebrated her birthday at the beach this year.

When we weren't in sand or some form of water, puzzles, cards or just visiting with old friends kept us busy.

 Kate set up a seashell vignette right in the middle of the carpet....

 A night out without children!
We made our usual trip to St. George Street in St. Augustine.

If I could have gotten all this pottery into my suitcase I would have been a happy girl indeed.

Time for a snack of empanadas!
Followed by pralines and copious amounts of sweets from our favorite candy shops.

 Kate found two painted rocks which apparently is a thing on FB now.

Too soon the week came to an end.  Time for one last evening swim/walk on the beach.

Kellen heads off to college this fall.

Jackson kept Lucy entertained with his remote controlled plane.

 A little beach tic-tac-toe with John.
Kelly's and my pictures were photobombed.
 Some of my favorite people; Patty, Kelly, Ms. Betty (who was my senior English teacher in high school) and John.
 The sunset hitting just the tops of the waves was beautiful.
 And that's a wrap on FL Summer 2017.

Two indications of a good vacation.

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